Welcome to Love and Rosen. My name is Arica Rosenthal and I am the owner and writer, let me show you around.

Love and Rosen is a lifestyle blog featuring DIY projects, fashion, interior design inspiration and the occasional cookie.  The blog is an extension of myself, and I feature the things that I love or would like to own. I continue to keep to this code as I handpick brands and projects to feature. One of my favorite parts about Love and Rosen is that I can have a place to showcase my love for crafts. I like to call it “Crafty Chic” and you may be surprised how many of us there are out there.  Just a bunch of hybrid Martha Stewart & Carrie Bradshaw girls running around making crafts and looking fabulous.

For me it’s all about connecting with others and adding a bit of happiness and inspiration for the girls and women that read my blog.

I have been working in the fashion industry for over 11 years focusing on marketing and advertising. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. I currently live in a suburb of Los Angeles, CA with my husband and our little boy.

I love to feature fantastic DIY projects that I find inspiring for myself and my readers. Feel free to submit your recent project by sending an email to: arica@loveandrosen.com and tell me about yours.

Please note: If I have attributed something incorrectly to please let me know and I will correct it, and/or take it down.

Thanks for stopping by!


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