DIY Cocktail Ring

So I was doing some “research shopping” last week and walked into one of my favorite vintage stores in Sherman Oaks called Maggie Rose Couture Resale. They have some really beautiful jewelry, clothing and handbags. I actually bought the prettiest ivory satin clutch with gold and rhinestone hardware to wear to my wedding rehearsal dinner. Good stuff. Anyhow, I was walking through the store looking for vintage rhinestone jewelry for an upcoming DIY jewelry project and came across a pair of pearl and gold costume earrings. I asked how much and she said that all of the things in that container they give to kids for free… I was a bit shocked but said OK with a smile. I don’t typically wear big earrings so I made it into a cocktail ring. It’s super easy and you can do it with any old earring or fun button for that matter.


– Wire cutter

– Jewelry glue or a strong glue that will work with metals

– A ring base that you can buy at a craft or jewelry store

– Your item to make into a ring

Remove post on the back of the earring with your cutters.

Dab a bit of glue to the back of the earring and place the ring base on top.

Find something that will hold your ring so it can sit upside down to allow glue to dry. I was looking around and found a spool of thread did the trick for me.


For a great DIY tutorial on making statement rings from buttons, check out how Kristen Turner does it at Glitter ‘N Glue. I’m actually attending an event this week and Kristen is one of the hosts. Looking forward to meeting her in person!



15 comments on “DIY Cocktail Ring
  1. I do have lots of earrings that I don’t want to use anymore. I think it would be a good accessory for a ring. Thanks for sharing this! Love the idea!

    Annabella Merlin
    Creative Photo Albums

  2. Wow! What a great idea. One of my favorite pairs of costume earings just broke last week and I was wondering how I could possibly make it into a ring. Then I find this! So simple! Thank you!

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    • Thanks, Courtney! Yes, it’s super easy and a great way to get use out of the costume jewelry that you may have thrown in an old bag and shoved in the closet… Oh wait, that was me. =)