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DIY Cocktail Ring

February 29, 2012

So I was doing some “research shopping” last week and walked into one of my favorite vintage stores in Sherman Oaks called Maggie Rose Couture Resale. They have some really beautiful jewelry, clothing and handbags. I actually bought the prettiest ivory satin clutch with gold and rhinestone hardware to wear to my wedding rehearsal dinner. Good stuff. Anyhow, I was walking through the store looking for vintage rhinestone jewelry for an upcoming DIY jewelry project and came across a pair of pearl and gold costume earrings. I asked how much and she said that all of the things in that container they give to kids for free… I was a bit shocked but said OK with a smile. I don’t typically wear big earrings so I made it into a cocktail ring. It’s super easy and you can do it with any old earring or fun button for that matter.


– Wire cutter

– Jewelry glue or a strong glue that will work with metals

– A ring base that you can buy at a craft or jewelry store

– Your item to make into a ring

Remove post on the back of the earring with your cutters.

Dab a bit of glue to the back of the earring and place the ring base on top.

Find something that will hold your ring so it can sit upside down to allow glue to dry. I was looking around and found a spool of thread did the trick for me.


For a great DIY tutorial on making statement rings from buttons, check out how Kristen Turner does it at Glitter ‘N Glue. I’m actually attending an event this week and Kristen is one of the hosts. Looking forward to meeting her in person!



Designer Q&A Home Decor Series

Q&A with the Foundary’s Style Manager, Vallerie Drorbaugh

February 27, 2012

I was recently contacted by the team at the Foundary about how spring fashion trends transform into home design. Since that’s right up my alley, I took a look at the website and found tons of beautiful items on my decorating wish list for a lot less $. The Foundary is a flash sale website where you can purchase the latest home essentials up to 70% off retail. Each day features new sales and events. I got the opportunity to ask the Style Manager, Vallerie Drorbaugh, a few questions to get a little more info on the Foundary, current trends in interior design and her tips for finding your own design style.

Vallerie Drorbaugh

Love and Rosen: Tell us about yourself and your design style.

Vallerie Drorbaugh: I’m Vallerie Drorbaugh and the Style Manager for the Foundary. My expertise includes set design, props, models, and locations. I work with neutrals and whites, gravitate toward the clean lines of mid-century modern and recommend finishing touches with Bohemian spirit.

L&R: How can we incorporate interior design trends into our homes without needing to make a major change once the trend is on its way out?

Vallerie: It’s important to experiment with trends that grab your attention. I always invest in timeless foundation furnishings – dining tables, bed frames, sofas – and incorporate on-trend accents. The Foundary features unique finds to complement your existing décor.

These water-safe glass orbs welcome air plants and succulents. When not housing greenery, I suggest using hanging terrariums as holiday ornaments.

Established rooms call for quality floor rugs. These hand woven designs offer muted hues and tribal-inspired prints. They’re effective without overpowering layouts.

Practice responsible hospitality with eco-friendly barware. These pieces are made from hand-blown glass and encourage springtime entertaining.

Statement chairs are an easy way to add color and functionality to living spaces. New and vintage fabrics outfit these one-of-a-kind Happy Chairs.

L&R: When it comes to decorating a room, it can be challenging to decide on style. What would you suggest that we do first to give us nudge in the right direction?

Vallerie: Becoming an informed shopper is the key to smart buying and styling. Create evolving mood boards from magazine clippings, Pinterest findings, and anything else that strikes you. Look for common design threads between your mood boards – Do you prefer neutrals or bold tones? Are you looking for traditional or modern furnishings? What type of finishes tie your ideas together? Peruse the Foundary Pinterest boards for a head start.

L&R: What is on your must-have list currently available or upcoming on the Foundary?

Vallerie: I look for unexpected materials to increase textural interest. On February 28, the Foundary’s Solid Designs event features concrete tabletop décor. Expect to see planters, office accessories, and candle holders made from the industrial material.

Thanks, Vallerie! I feel more informed already. =)




Crafts Home Home Decor

Dresser & Nightstand Makeover

February 24, 2012

As mentioned earlier in the week, I have been working on updating the decor in our master bedroom. I’ve gotten pretty far and now I’m done giving our old dresser and nightstands a little makeover.

I have never even attempted to paint furniture before but now I want to go flea market shopping and buy furniture, just to paint it…

So what do you guys think?



I sanded the top of the dresser and taped the edges with my complimentary samples of 3M ScotchBlue™ painter’s tape. Then used Kilz 2® Latex Multi-Purpose Stainblocker and Glidden® Interior Low Odor Mate White paint. Lastly, I used Minwax® Water-Based Polycrylic Protective finish in a Clear Semi-Gloss. I followed these steps for the tops of the nightstands as well.

The main reason behind the idea for painting a decorative design around the hardware was to cover up the holes of the old drawer pulls. You are probably wondering why I didn’t just buy new hardware that would fit right? Well lucky me owns a dresser and nightstands with a super odd size drawer pull. My only options were to leave the hardware (yuck) or fill in the holes and re-drill new ones to fit more universal-sized hardware. I chose the latter. The one thing I may change is use crystal knobs on all of the drawer fronts rather than pulls. Which would mean more drillin’ and fillin’. Maybe next week…

To create the design on the front of the drawers, I measured super straight lines and marked with a pencil then used my painter’s tape again. Then to create the decorative corner, I used a circle shape and traced a section of it on the corner. For painting, I followed the same steps as for the tops of the dresser and nightstands.


Yes, you have a good eye! That IS the Anthropologie Celestial Coaster that I featured in my 10 Lovely Valentine’s Day Gifts post. I was there a couple weeks ago and couldn’t resist. Can’t mess up the paint with a water glass ring.

If you are looking to update the front of your dressers or any furniture for that matter, check out O′verlays. They are a great way to add decorative designs to blah pieces. I can’t wait to order and try them myself. One of my blogger idols, Kate of Centsational Girl, just featured a great giveaway opportunity and discount code for them!



Home Decor

Five Floral Favorites

February 22, 2012

Ever take stock of the patterns and items you collect over time? I realized I happen to like many things floral… Who knew?

A gift of Mor Belladonna soap from my friend Angela. I can’t seem to bring myself to open it and ruin the pretty packaging. Come to think of it, she also bought me the cute soap dish with silver flowers from Anthropologie. I hope she isn’t hinting at something…

My Great-Grandma’s vintage floral rhinestone ring placed with a white floral tray (from Target, shhh) that I use to hold my perfumes.

Another Anthropologie fav… These are almost exactly the same ones but in a brighter yellow-gold color.

White flowers from the mixed bouquet from my husband for Valentine’s Day. I always separate the colors. Does that mean something?

I gave these pretty floral candle holders a home when my mom was trying to get rid of a bunch of randoms stuck in a closet from the 80’s. I am not a huge fan of tapered candles but these tea lights work great.

What do you have multiples of without even noticing?



Crafts Home Decor

Dresser Update Inspiration

February 20, 2012

I’ve been working on decorating our master bedroom since well, when we moved in almost three years ago… I did a few things and let it sit because I couldn’t make any decisions. Been there? I finally took the leap in November last year and found my design style. I think I had such a hard time because I like many different styles but I realized I didn’t have to choose just one as long as everything in the room makes me happy. I would say the look mostly falls into the Hollywood Regency and Romantic Bohemian categories. I’m going to share the final room once I’m finished with the last few projects.  As we speak, I’m giving our dresser and nightstands a little face lift. I’ve never liked them but can’t spend the money right now to buy the new set I really want. So in the meantime I’m workin’ with what I got. The idea to do this came to me when I couldn’t fall asleep one night but I always like a little inspiration from finished projects to bring my imagination into focus. Here are some beautiful dressers that helped me wrangle in my thoughts.

via Emily A. Clark
via Pottery Barn
via Angie Hranowsky
via Room Service

Check back this week to see my before & after dresser update! OK, I guess that means I better finish… =)