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Handmade Wedding Memory Box Tutorial

January 31, 2012

My very good friend, Evelyn, is getting married to a wonderful guy named Ray. Evelyn and I worked together at YMI Jeans while she was the PR Manager and I was the Advertising Manager. She is now the fantastic Marketing Director. We were kind of attached at the hip most of the time. It’s funny how you can become so close to your co-workers. I really miss seeing her all the time so it was wonderful to make her a little engagement gift to help celebrate the exciting occasion. I made her a decorative box to keep all the little pieces of the journey of wedding planning and bought her a journal to try and write in. I have a box that I kept all the wedding extras like invites, table place cards, wedding dress inspiration and etc. You need a place for all that stuff, right? I gave her the journal because I wish I had kept one. I did decide to keep a journal from my pregnancy and Noah’s first year. I really enjoy looking back on the funny entries from the beginning. =) Journal more, you will be glad you did.

Speaking of weddings… Check out this cool site: Tailored. It’s a tool brides and grooms can use to find and collect inspiration, browse wedding products and share with friends. It reminds me of Pinterest for wedding planning. Oh if only this were around when I was planning my wedding… Sigh. I will just have to live vicariously through my engaged friends and make them try this out.

OK, onto the project. =)


♥ Box

♥ Spray paint

♥ Ribbon

♥ Strong glue (I used Liquid Fusion)

♥ Rhinestones

♥ Buttons

♥ Jewelry wire

♥ Jewelry pliers

♥ Fabric

♥ Mod Podge

♥ Sponge brush

♥ Scissors

♥ Acrylic paint

♥ Paint brush

How to:

Step 1

Clean off your box of choice to prepare for spray painting.

Step 2

I used painter’s tape and scratch paper to avoid getting spray paint on the inside of the box.

Step 3

Take your chosen spray paint color (and spray paint handle if you have one) and paint away. Remember to avoid drips, apply multiple light coats one at a time. Allow to dry at least 30 minutes before handling.

Step 4

Measure ribbon to go around the outside of the box. Attach with small amount of glue. I used Liquid Fusion but any strong fabric glue would do.

Step 5

Pull the other side of the ribbon around and glue. Since I have yet to find a way to avoid glue marks on fabric, I added a touch of sparkle with some large rhinestones. I love this sort of detail.

Step 6

Find a button of your choice. I don’t know about you but I have a thing for keeping any of those extra buttons that come attached to clothes I buy. I figure one day I will have use for them. Here it is!

Step 7

Wrap a piece of jewelry wire around the back loop of the button and twist. Please excuse my non-existent manicure…

Step 8

Wrap wire with button around ribbon. Using jewelry pliers really helps here. Then snip off the excess with wire cutters. If the wire is thin enough, scissors would be just fine.

Step 9

Pick a fabric of your choice.

Step 10

You can either trace the top of the box or another shape on the backside of the fabric. I chose to use this Corningware dish lid for the perfect circle shape I was looking for. I always use odd things around the house to trace circles and ovals. Once I used my paper towel dispenser…

Step 11

Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the front of the fabric. Let fully dry at least 15 minutes. The Mod Podge will stiffen the fabric slightly and will allow you to cut without creating frayed edges.

Step 12

While that’s drying, you can paint a little message or your gift recipients name on the inside lid. I used a Champagne color Metallic Acrylic paint.

Step 13

As long as the fabric is dry, you can cut out the shape and use Mod Podge to glue to the top of your box. Allow to dry at least 10-15 minutes. Then, add a coat of Mod Podge over the entire top of the lid and fabric to create a seal.


There are so many ways to decorate a box so have fun with it and maybe make one for yourself. =)

Congratulations to Evelyn and Ray! Love you!

For another cute gift idea, check out this adorable Handmade Wedding Guestbook tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess with Elsie Larson.



Out & About Series

Out & About: Two Point Oh! LA Blogger Flea Market Event

January 30, 2012

Yesterday I had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather and a little outdoor shopping in Hollywood. It’s nice to get some time to yourself every so often to recharge.

The main reason for my shopping trip to Hollywood was to attend/support the Two Point Oh! LA blogger flea market event at Space 15 Twenty. I only recently became a member of this wonderful LA blogger community and it was really nice to meet some of the other members and the founder herself, Kelsi Smith of Dedicated Follower of Fashion. So with my camera in tow, I snapped a few pictures of the lovely items for sale. Some were vintage pieces and some were original designs. I even walked away with a little purchase myself. =)

I had a great conversation with Myly of Vintage Grime about how unique her designs are.

Said hello to the talented Ariana Cabral of the Fashion Blog La Catrina de la Moda.

LOVE this piece from Alana Hale

So this was where I made my little purchase… A $5 metal business card holder in a gold tone. Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life (who also helped to host the event) was who I met and she was super sweet. Kind of funny because I don’t think they originally planned on selling it but yay for me. =)

Here are some really cute vintage kids clothes and home decor from Home Spun Vintage.

Lovely accessories and shoes that Kelsi of Dedicated Follower of Fashion was selling.

I just loved these earrings that Melanie Lee of Wrecked Stellar was selling.

Oh yes, here is my new little business card holder. =)



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A Reflection in Mommyhood

January 20, 2012

Tomorrow is my baby boy’s 1st birthday. I think I had been partly in denial about this until Wednesday night when I sat down to write him a letter. It was a great experience to think back over the past year, really year and 9 months, and write down everything I felt. Yes, there were more than a few tissues by my side.  Noah won’t be able to read my letter for quite sometime and I hated the idea of putting it in a box waiting to give it to him. So I decided to take my time to write it as neat as possible (I have horrible handwriting) and frame it for his room. I think it will be a daily reminder to me about where we started and to appreciate Kairos moments when they happen. Kairos is a fantastic new word that I learned while reading an article that my friend shared called, “Don’t Carpe Diem” written by Glennon Melton of  A hilarious and heart-warming read for new and veteran parents alike.

It seems I know so many beautiful pregnant girls right now. I can’t help but give them odd bits of advice from baby books to pajama brands. However I always mention to get support from other moms. I joined an amazing group of first-time moms back when Noah was 12-weeks old and now many of the ladies I met have become such an important part of my and my son’s life. I hope to be friends with them forever. Samantha, Rachel, Gili, Alicia, Martha, Karin, Terrie, Stephanie, Cat, Tannaz, Kannie, Staci, Kristine and Jaime. I don’t know how I would have made it though the first year without them… You guys are the best!

To my husband Mitch, you are the most amazing daddy and husband in the world. I love you so much. I also have to mention the love and support from our friends and family. Noah, Mitch and I are so lucky to have you all in our lives.

Off to put goodie bags together for the party! =)



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DIY Magnetic Board

January 18, 2012

Today I’m going to show you how to turn an old frame from home or a thrift store into a fun magnetic board.

As I work to decorate the new office space I thought this would be a fun way to post my to-do lists, photos and pretty magnets all in one place. I found a great little guy for $3 at Salvation Army. This one stood out because of the beautiful ornate details on the inside corners. I do love a rich dark wood but this just seemed drab and dull so I gave it new life in white.


– Frame

– Spray paint

– Frame backing that came with the frame or thin cardboard/poster board

– Acrylic paint

– Paint brush and/or sponge brush

– Gorilla Glue or similar

– Thin metal sheeting about 1″ – 2″ smaller than the inside of your frame

How to:

Step 1

Remove glass front and backing from the frame and spray paint your color of choice. I used a paint in white semi-gloss by Rust-Oleum. Using a spray can handle really helps create an even finish… Allow all necessary coats of paint to fully dry before handling.

Step 2

Place your metal sheeting over the middle of your frame backing which is usually a thick paper material (or you could use poster board and cut to fit the frame). Measure around the metal sheeting and go in about 1/2″ – 1″. The outside section is where you will paint a border.  Paint the border. I used an acrylic metallic paint in peridot.

Step 3

Apply Gorilla Glue or similar strong glue to the back of the metal sheeting and apply to paper board. I weighted down the metal sheeting with a heavy object for a couple hours while it dried. It also helped to flatten the metal out as much as possible. Try to use a thin sheet metal to avoid bending.

Step 4

Place back in the frame. I put the glass that came with the frame in the back section behind the board just to keep it stable.


I’m so happy to have a place to use my sparkly magnets. For a tutorial on making your own brooch magnets, go here.



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Two of a Kind

January 16, 2012

Another feature on the latest accessory eye candy would have been fine and dandy, yet I was inspired by Victoria from the blog SF Girl By Bay and her post “Separated at Birth“. To spice it up, here are some really beautiful pairings of a stylish clutch and an inspiring interior that just seem meant for each other. In the process I was able to get some great interior design ideas for my own home.

Do you find yourself drawn to any one pair in particular?

Sondra Roberts ‘Pearl’ Clutch | Red Online Bohemian Opulent Living Room
Glint Silk Clutch | Lonny Magazine Living Room
House of Harlow 1960 ‘Riley’ Bag | Red Online Modern Retro Living Room
Rebecca Minkoff Amour Clutch | Red Online Contemporary Country Living Room
Elie Tahari ‘Colleen’ Clutch | Red Online Bold Bohemian Living Room
Alexander McQueen Scull Box Clutch | Red Online Bold Colour Living Room
RED Valentino Bow Clutch | Lonny Magazine Living Room
Felix Rey Gold Snake Clutch | Red Online Bohemian Living Room