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May 2009

Gift Inspiration Her

steal Janna’s look

May 27, 2009

I always find fashion inspiration from the women around me so I bring to you the first of many “steal her look” posts. Enjoy!

These days everyone is mixing high and low-priced wardrobe pieces. Janna did such a perfect job mixing her cozy cotton cardigan, white tank, high-waist skirt, braided belt and stylish leather sandals. Lastly, Janna keeps it simple and chic with a single silver ring.


Here is my version of Janna’s look:


grey acid wash tank, Forever21 $11.80

navy skirt, American Apparel $28

sea green cotton cardigan, J.CREW $59.50

braided faux leather belt, Forever21 $6.80

silver antiqued rings, Satine Boutique $260

nude leather sandals, Anthropologie $110

Out & About Series

Out & About: Mother’s Day 2009

May 11, 2009
This blog is all about beautiful things that make girls happy. For my first post, what better subject to start with than my mother.  My husband and I spent the afternoon by my mom and step-dad’s pool to celebrate Mother’s day.  We brought shrimp, chips and dip to enjoy a casual day with family.  This would be with the exception of my little brother Cameron who is in Navy bootcamp at the moment.  We all joined in to write him a letter including my mom’s golden retriever Shayna, with her paw print.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their mother’s yesterday!

my mom

My brother Gavin and I took some pictures of the lovely flowers in my mom’s backyard. She picked a few for me to take home. Thanks Mommy!


purple flowers